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Corporate Social Responsibility Award



The 2011 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award was a grand affair that took place at The Regent Taipei on August 10th.  Everlight Chemical General Manager Wei-Wang Chen received this honor from the hand of Deputy Economic Minister Chung-Jiu Huang. General Manager Chen said in his speech, "Everlight Chemical, for the past decade, has been promoting character education within our enterprise also in the communities and schools, which has served as a fabulous experience for us.  We praised the Lord and thank everyone at Everlight Chemical for their synergy that has allowed us to accomplish such result." During Primer Dun-Yih Wu's speech, he specially pointed out that "The CSR-awarded enterprises are companies that have shown outstanding achievement in the four key aspects of corporate governance, corporate commitment, community involvement and environmental protection.  Therefore, they are all the most qualified role models." Everlight Chemical looks forward to establishing a superior corporate citizenship example, so that wherever there is Everlight Chemical, there will be care, love, and blessings. 


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