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Both earth tone and sensitive shades are so-called the tertiary color* 1 in chromatics It is very difficult to reach the Right First Time (RFT) production with a normal trichromatic combination . However, in practice, any process is always subject to errors associated with the equipment and the technique used, and hence the final product will vary in quality. Everzol CS range, based on tertiary colors, is designed to provide the RFT solution for earth tone and sensitive shades in textiles.

The earth tone and sensitive shades represent the critical hue in chromaticity spaces.*2 It is easily to shift in hue between the contrast colors, The result is very sensitive and distinguishable by vision. For example, the dark green color can cause yellowish hue to shift toward the bluish hue of the spectrum. Also, the brown color is between reddish and yellowish, while the grey color is between yellowish and bluish. Those sensitive shades, in practice, are very difficult to match exactly and the reproducibility is never perfect, since the dyeing process in the dyehouse is not always steady. There, shading or re-coloring become needed in order to satisfy customers’ requirements. Most re-work will cause excess water and energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and high wastewater treatment. This will make people doubt whether the so- called earth tones are really environmentally friendly.

To avoid the fatal re-work, the particular technical feature has been considerably developed and refined in robust production, allied with good quality and high compatibility of novel dye range. The specification, consequently, is essential that three individual members of Everzol LX are compatible with each other, possessing similar dyeing behavior. For an examination of Everzol LX, the visual effect of any process random errors was so small as to render with bulk-bulk shade reproducibility.

For coloring natural earth ton shades, Everzol CS range has utilized the tertiary color concept to approach the critical shade through one major color, and then to match the shade by shading with the other colors. Because of that, the impact from the process variation would be relatively much lower than that of traditional trichromatic combination.

Achieving critical earth tone shades, olive, khaki and gray, have long been a challenge for the textile industry. Everlight Chemical products, Everzol LX and Everzol CS, can be utilized very successfully with a breakthrough solution. At the same time they contribute to minimize the environmental problems encountered in reactive dyeing.

Earth tone colors around the color circle


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