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Polyurethane anti-yellowing stabilizer

by: Ching-Yu Lin

   Since 1937, German Professor Otto Bayer first synthesized polyurethane from polyisocyanate  and polyol, then started as a basis for wildly industrial applications. For the past 70 years, industries have developed various polyurethane products, such as rigid foam, elastomers, paints, adhesives, sealant, synthetic leather, coating resins, footwear, elastic fiber and others. By changing and adjusting polyisocyanate and polyether / ester polyol, polyamine or chain extenders or crosslinking agents can diversify widely applications. Even though, polyurethane polymers aren’t almighty, materials degraded and turned yellow by times.

Reasons for Polyurethane yellowing issues
   Take the common cell phone holsters or keyboards for examples, why they turned yellow after a short period of time? The reason is from aromatic isocyanate ( such as TDI or MDI) .These materials have long been under the influence of UV light which lead to degradation and break chemical bonds ,then generated colored substances which cause the yellow color. At the same time, perspiration (acid) or the heat (temperature) also plays the role of murderer to accelerate yellowing process..

Development and application of Everlight Chemical polyurethane anti-yellowing stabilizer
   In order to enhance product's anti-yellowing performance and won’t affect other physical properties ,such as wearing resistance or hydrolysis resistance, the best approach is to use “design of experimental (D.O.E) “method to develop and evaluate interactions between various additives . Based on the result of D.O.E, we can filter out the most important factors and make technical personnel clarify and adjust the most appropriate formula. The development of Everlight polyurethane anti-yellowing stabilizers are co-developed and discussed many times with our customers and base on this framework.
   For polyurethane foam applications , Everlight's EV PU667, EV PU673, EV PU685 performance products are specializing in unique functions which can solve the polyurethane foam yellowing issues from acid gas, light degradation and high processing temperature respectively. Multiple additions offer synergistic anti-yellowing performance to meet different customer’s spec and won’t interfere each other because of good compatibility. Moreover, our products are successful granted certification by domestic foam manufacturers. As for thermoplastic polyurethane applications, EV PU672, EV PU666 can provide best processing convenience and offer TPU granules clear initial color. Both are also granted certification for domestic and international TPU manufacturers.
In the future, in response to carbon reduction trend and reducing the risk for the energy crisis, we know 40% energy consumption loss (1 / 3 amount of greenhouse gas emissions ) come from those buildings which use traditional construction materials .As a result, international manufacturers are  urge to adopt and expand polyurethane composite materials for outdoor applications. Of course, as a polyurethane anti-yellowing stabilizer suppliers , we are happy to see the benefits and niche market from these expanded applications. Everlight specialty chemical technology division will make our best efforts providing customers better products and total anti-yellowing solutions.



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