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Business Principles

In order to pursue sustainable development for the benefit of all stakeholders, Everlight Chemical abides by the following principles:

1.Business by Integrity

Our corporate image of integrity is based on honest communication and regulation compliance. We steadfastly adhere to business agreements and commitments. We comply with all applicable regulations and globally accepted business ethics principles.

2.Product Selection

One of our core beliefs is to benefit humanity by only manufacturing ethical products. Everlight Chemical will never create products that can be used to cause harm.

3.Industrial Safety

As a responsible company, Everlight Chemical places a strong emphasis on safety. We prioritize a safe and secure working environment, protecting the lives and property of employees, the company, and the community.

4.Environment Protection

Everlight Chemical Acknowledges the scarcity of natural resources and the importance of sustainable development. We have adopted an international standard Environmental Management System. We work to perfect our production processes, reduce industrial waste and develop new, environmentally friendly technologies.

5.Customer Satisfaction

Loyal customers are crucial to our ongoing success. We strive to continually provide excellent customer services. Our Total Quality Assurance program allows us to produce the world-class products that our customers need. Any customer dissatisfaction is a serious matter and should be treated as a top priority.

6.Respecting Employees

Adopting principles of humanistic management, Everlight Chemical treat all employees with respect. They are to treat each other in a likewise manner. Any act of prejudice, insult, harassment or physical harm is strictly prohibited. We offer necessary assistance to all employees, provide a fair and safe working environment, train workers to enhance their professional skills, and help them to reach their full potential.

7.Technological Self-Sufficiency

We are engaged in an ever-changing and growing industry. Continual R&D is the primary avenue to ensure our technological edge. We allocate no less than 2.5 percent of revenue to R&D.

8.Continuous Improvement

Our enhancements in efficiency, cost-effectiveness and profitability rely on continuous improvement. We constantly improve manufacturing processes, quality and yields, and lower defect rates and environmental impacts.

9.Solid Financial Structure

Solid financial planning lies behind all our business operations. We maintain net equity at more than half of total assets. This principle shall be followed every time we expand the businesses.

10.Stockholders’ Rights and Interests

We pay high attention to stockholders’ interests, value their suggestions, and disclose all relevant corporate information as required by the law. We ensure reasonable returns for our stockholders by generating profits through commitment to excellence and teamwork spirits.

11.Fair Competition

Everlight Chemical believes in fair competition and never resorts to any unethical means to achieve business objectives.

12.Contribution to Society

Everlight Chemical contributes at least one percent of pre-tax earnings to the charity. We participate in public welfare activities to promote a peaceful and harmonious society.



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