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A Pioneer in Green Accounting

Everlight Chemical was the first Taiwan company to establish an environmental cost system. The company put the system in place between August 1998 and November 1999, and it instituted its first amendment of the system in July-September 2000. The environmental cost accounting system now used was amended at the end of 2002. The foremost objective of Everlight Chemical  in adopting an environmental accounting system is to conform to Criteria Governing Information to be Published in Annual Reports of Public Companies, which mandates providing environmental protection-related information. The secondary objective is to provide reference information for decision-makers in mapping out corporate strategies and to clearly distinguish environmental costs from ordinary costs. Thirdly, a green accounting system can ultimately help to reduce environmental-related costs and create further benefit for the company.

The focus of an environmental accounting system is in recording, compiling and disclosing a company's environment protection-related costs, activities, budgets, and achievements.

Everlight Chemical 's environmental accounting system is based primarily on fiscal and management accounting principles. The system reveals environmental costs and effects, and it enables further assessment of such costs and effects as related to environmental activities. The design and content of the system call for clearly categorizing the company's environmental activities, and defining the types and names of these activities (40 types have been set forth preliminarily) and classifying these activities into six categories. At the same time, the company has decided appropriate accounting principles to facilitate the documenting, compiling and displaying of environmental costs. Costs of activities that do not fit into a specific category or that are related to decision-making are evenly shared among the accounts.

Environmental Protection

Everlight Chemical positions itself as a high-tech chemical manufacturer and realizes the reality of limited resources on earth and recognizes the importance of Sustainable Development. As a member of the global community, Everlight environmental policy states Conserve Earth Resources and Conform to Environmental Regulation.

In order to actualize this commitment, Everlight Chemical has established the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System which emphasizes on intensive educational program, full participation in process improvement, waste minimization and development of waste treatment technologies. Moreover, Everlight Chemical has been certified by DNV and became the first chemical company in Taiwan to have ISO 14001 certification. 


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Excerpt: MOEA’s Department of Investment Services’s “Responsibility and Profit: CSR Strategies of Taiwan MNEs,” 

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